I remember when we first started the Keto lifestyle, the main concern we had was what we were going to eat. We thought it was going to be difficult and we were never going to be able to enjoy our favorite dishes and desserts ever again. Were we wrong! Thanks, to the world wide web, we discovered so many awesome recipes, modified them to our taste, and even created some of our own from our all time favorite dishes. It is what makes Keto cooking so fun! It’s like a problem solving challenge – finding a solution to make a certain dish Keto-friendly. Keto cooking doesn’t need to be taxing and stressful. Look at it as an adventure and and opportunity to discover things and be creative.

After cooking these wonderful recipes, don’t forget to snap a shot of your creation and tag OC Keto!

See our latest recipes & videos:

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Keto Chocolate Dessert Chaffle

A simple waffle or bread alternative to satisfy your cravings! Make large batches and store in the freezer. Continue reading

Keto Flaxseed Miracle Rising Bread

IS THIS KETO? What about the honey? The honey is used to activate the yeast. Yeast eats the honey (sugar content), metabolizes it and then turns into gas which allows the dough to RISE. You do not actually consume the honey itself. But for kicks, we went ahead and included the nutrition facts in case … Continue reading

Ribs with Asparagus & Sesame Salad

When you’re a full time working parent juggling things from a project at work, baseball practice, and doing the laundry, sometimes it just makes sense to skip cooking a 100% homemade dinner for the family. Though I love to cook, there are times when I would just rather hit the store and find something good … Continue reading

Keto Pork Belly Adobo Cabbage Tacos

Do you miss your street tacos? I know I do! Here’s a Filipino take on tacos using mouthwatering pork belly marinated in adobo sauce wrapped in cabbage. Simple to make and definite crowd pleaser!

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